1. Company must be duly registered to carry out business in Nigeria.

2. Dealer must notify us in writing of their intention to become distributors.

3. Completed application form (Kindly see form attached) with company certificate of Incorporation and 3 passport photographs of MD or the representative should be returned to The Manager, PSC Industries Ltd., 41B Olutoye Crescent/Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

4. An appointment Letter shall be issued to the Customer after all conditions are met.


1.    To become a dealer and get the dealer pricing, the initial order must exceed TWO Million Naira (N2m) total – One time Order – at regular prices.

2.   If the Distributor is unable to meet condition 1) above, they must meet up in 6 months, an aggregate cumulative purchase of FIVE Million Naira (N5m) at regular prices.


After meeting the above conditions;

  • Dealers get a 2.5% discount on all items except for batteries
  • Dealers get a 1.5% discount on batteries.
  • 50% Discount ON ALL REPAIR ORDERS 
  • Dealers get first-hand information on new and improved products.

Kindly note that your 2.5% DISCOUNT on all items except batteries on which we offer 1.5% DISCOUNT will only be effective AFTER YOUR INITIAL ONE TIME PURCHASE IN THE AMOUNT OF 2 MILLION NAIRA OR AGGREGATE PURCHASE IN THE AMOUNT OF 5 MILLION NAIRA WITHIN 6 MONTH PERIOD.

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