Solar Panel Installation in Nigeria

Solar Panel Installation in Nigeria

Solar panel installation in Nigeria requires careful thought and careful planning. You can’t just throw the panel up anywhere and hope for the best.

They need to be placed where they will provide the maximum effect, thereby giving you the maximum return on investment.


Solar panels rely on the light of the sun for their power. The sun travels across the sky each day and is never in one spot for very long. This means that your solar panel installation needs to take the sun’s path across the sky very much into account.

The most common place for solar panel installation is on the roof of a house or building.

This is where the sun’s rays hit first, and where they are most likely to strike throughout the day as there is usually little if any interference between the sun and the building roof. There are two possible way of installing solar panels on a roof.

They can be installed as panels directly on to the existing roof structure, or they can be the actual roof can be converted into an array of solar panels that are an integral part of the roof.

The first method of installation is the most commonly found. It is relatively easy to do and does not involve too much disruption or cost.

The second method is much more involved. It is probably the best long-term solution, but it is likely to cost more, and the work will probably take more time to complete.

Either method works more or less the same, and the most important thing is placement. A south facing part of a sloping roof is usually the best place for solar panel installation, and this is where you will find them most often.

Finding the best area to install your solar panels is one thing, but you also need to ensure that the area chosen is large enough to accommodate your energy generation needs. Solar panels tend to take up quite a lot of space, and each panel only provides a modest amount of power.

It requires a large array if your power needs are greater than average.

Solar panel installation is a job best left to the experts. They are familiar with all the various problems you are likely to encounter, and they generally have all the answers too.

There are many factors to take into account when installing solar panels, things like the average sunlight your location receives over a year, the degree of damage causing winds likely to be experienced every year, and whether the best place for installing the panels can provide enough energy.

Photovoltaic panel installation is not particularly difficult to do, but a professional will always do it best.

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