How To Survive Nigeria During Fuel Scarcity – Go Solar

The fuel scarcity running into its third week has dealt such a blow on the morale of Nigerians.


With queues stretching for many kilometers at fueling stations, fuel prices skyrocketing, and the lack of electricity in the hot weather, it is normal to feel frustrated and depressed.

Here are some things you can do to ameliorate the suffering. Some of the options will require you to spend money ;


Get a solar panel inverter

I have never really loved generators. They are a source of both noise and air pollution. Getting a solar panel saves you from a lot of stress involved in owning a generator and it is also good for the environment.

Use public transportation

It isn’t such a bad idea to park your car for a bit while the fuel crisis looms, instead of spending productive time you can use doing something else in queues. Also, the queues at fueling stations cause a lot of traffic.


Set forth at dawn

If you insist that you need to get fuel – especially to power your generation, then set forth at dawn. Avoid filling stations on major roads, those in residential areas will typically have less traffic.

Lounge in a hotel

No light? No fuel? Take a night out and spend some time in a hotel room enjoying their sweet air conditioner.


Take a break, rest or talk to a friend

Between shuffling for fuel for your vehicle and then your generator, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by it all. Take care of your mental health by resting, doing something fun, relaxing, going out and talking to a friend when you feel overwhelmed.


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