France launches 700 MW tender for large-scale PV

Solar project developers in France will have until June 25, 2021, to submit their bids. Under new rules, the selected PV projects must use modules manufactured with a low carbon footprint.

From pv magazine France

France’s energy regulator, the CRE, has launched its 10th tender for the construction of utility-scale solar PV projects exceeding 500 kW in size. Bids must be submitted between June 14 and June 25, 2021.

The French authorities expect to allocate 450 MW for ground-mounted PV installations exceeding 5 MW in size, 180 MW for PV projects with an installed power of between 500 kW and 5 MW, and 70 MW for projects ranging from 500 MW to 10 MW, which will be built on parking shades.

The CRE specified that, if the number of eligible projects is greater than 700 MW, the allocated power may be increased to 1,000 MW, 1,250 MW, and 100 MW for the three categories, respectively. 

Solar projects selected in the tender must comply with France’s new regulation, which prioritizes projects relying on low-carbon emission PV modules. These rules set out that the projects selected in the CRE4 tenders must have a carbon footprint of less than a certain limit of kg CO2/kW. This can be calculated through a ‘simplified’ procedure, which has been designed by France’s Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

France is currently supporting large-scale solar PV through these CRE4 tenders and also via mixed wind-solar tenders.

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