What to Look for When Buying Your next Inverter for Your Solar Project

If your solar system is to provide power in your flat, offices, schools, church, mosque, etc., then you need to buy the best quality Solar Inverter that suits your needs.  A solar inverter is required to convert the power gotten from the Solar panels from DC to AC current.

Key factors to consider:

The appliances to be powered with the solar system are a very key factor to determining the best Solar Inverter that will suit your need. 

What to Look Out For When Buying an Inverter for Your Solar Project

You can determine the power factor of your appliances by simply checking for the product wattage and other energy requirements written on the appliances/ gadgets.


Most people place this as the last option to consider.  You must consider the safety aspect and ensure that it meets the standards of the various international safety organizations before making a purchase. When the Solar system is fitted it is important that the Inverter is connected via a safety cutout.

 PSC Solar (UK) is one solar company with products certified by various safety organizations like TUV, CE, and ISO etc.


Ensure you verify that the voltage of the Inverter you are going for is suitable for your need. Examples of Inverter voltage are:  12V, 24V, 48V, 96V, etc. The higher your needs, the higher the required voltage.

To handle your power need PSC SOLAR (UK) has variants of German made standard Inverters with different Voltage from 12V -360V, etc. 


Does the inverter have a standby or auto-start mode?

 The Standby and auto-start mode feature helps reduce power drawn from the system batteries significantly, without this feature, the unit can draw quite a lot of power from your batteries.

Input Handling:

When your solar panel system is operating and charging batteries, output can vary from as low as perhaps 10 volts up to 15.5 volts. A good inverter should operate with input voltages between 10 to 16 Volts.


Ask your dealer how efficient the solar inverter is! PSC SOLAR (UK) inverters have efficiency of 99%+


What on-board diagnostics does the unit have? Can it identify, low and high battery, overload and over temperature. PSC SOLAR (UK) Inverters have the capacity to identify when the system battery is Low, when the system is overloaded, when the system temperature is high and it also has a short circuit protection.

Lastly but not the least; Warranty:

What kind of warranty does the solar inverter have and what are the service agreements with your dealer.  


Going for a cheap Inverter: budget may be one of the reasons why people go for cheap inverters, but we should remember that things with best qualities never come cheap. It is better to spend one time getting the best than spending repeatedly trying to fix issues.

PSC Solar (UK) invites you to visit its e-commerce website for all your solar products’ needs on https://pscsolaruk.com/


PSC INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a Solar Electricity and Renewable energy total Solutions Manufacturer located in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide Cost-competitive, Environmental friendly, high quality and innovative Solar/renewable energy products including but not limited to Solar PV Panels, Inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Streetlights and Deep Cycle Batteries.

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