Solar Battery Do’s and Dont’s

Solar batteries contain lead-acid and are the ones usually used in residential solar electric system


Like other equipment that contains dangerous chemicals, certain precautions should be taken when dealing with inverter deep cycle batteries.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help keep you and your family and friends safe when dealing with solar lead-acid batteries.

The Do’s

• If you’re working on a flooded battery, observe safety precautions provided.

• Do not remove the caps because if opened, lead-acid batteries release toxic gases and should be kept well away from living areas.

• Maintain a routine maintenance tasks.

• You’re dealing with live electrical equipment, so safety equipment should be nearby.

• Leave no cables exposed or peeled.

• Batteries function best at relatively even temperatures, so place them where the temperature is moderate, if possible.

• Ensure to use a battery rack.

• Keep battery terminals clean and free from corrosion.

• Ventilation is important

  • Always contact a qualified technician to install your batteries

The Don’ts

• Never mix old and new batteries – the new batteries will absolve the characteristics of the old batteries and that will result in the fast ageing of the new batteries

• Don’t mix different types of batteries, as they have different chemical properties.

Either you are using the Exide batteries all through or you are using the lifepo4 lithium batteries all through

As you can see, there are far more do’s than don’ts, but most of the do’s are precautions to be taken.

The main thing to remember is that deep circle batteries are used to store electric current and they also have dangerous voltages and chemicals compounds, so stay safe.

Follow these solar battery do’s and dont’s and you and your batteries will enjoy a long and happy relationship.

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