Sudan discusses solar pumps project with UNDP

The Director of the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry in Nahr Al-Nile (River Nile) state, Eng. Awad Al-Sheikh Al-Haja, has welcomed , Tuesday, the delegation of the United Nations Development Program currently in visit to the state.

The visit of the UNDP delegation comes for continuation of delibration on the idea of implementing the project of solar power pumps which targets the small farmers and areas that did not have access to electricity for their agricultural projects.

Al- Haja stressed that the project is a great gain for the farmers of the state and that its implementation will have a significant impact on the increase of production and provide the necessary irrigation for the crops.

Professor Nurai has presented the project’s experience in the Northern state, which achieved significant results in production by providing irrigation through solar pumps.

The meeting has confirmed that the first stage is to enlighten the importance of the project in all the agricultural offices in the state’s localities, and that the project will provide 450 pumps to the localities in its first stage.

The program official explained that the areas funded reaches 2 to 24 feddans for a farmers, affirming that the training of the engineers is a priority for the success of the developmental project in the State.

The visiting delegation and the Ministry of Agriculture have agreed to form a higher committee to tour all localities to enlighten the importance of the project, and to select the target areas so that the small farms enjoy the increase of production and reduce the cost of agriculture.

It worth noting the project will be implemented in many stages and will involve the departments of irrigation, agricultural guidance, and engineers of electricity and mechanics of the irrigation department.

The meeting has concluded with the need to accelerate the implementation of the initial steps for the actual entry in cultivation of the winter season of 2019-2020.

Source: Suna


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