Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical Safety for kids

Electrical Safety Tips for Children

Electrical Safety for kid to avoid biting electrical cable
Electrical Safety for kid to avoid biting electrical cable


Electrical Safety for kids and children should be considered as high priority. Regardless of their age, they need to be aware of the electrical hazards and danger of playing or being careless with electricity.

Despite electricity is amazing and can power most home appliances, such as TVs, Refrigerators, Fans, game consoles, home theaters, etc.; however it can also be very dangerous and hazardous same time.

Kids don’t understand the hazard dangers and that’s why PSC Solar Industries Limited needs to share these tips and enlightens parents and guardians in order to teach your wards on how to take charge of their electrical safety.

Below are some electrical safety precaution tips for kids to prevent electrical hazards at home and outside home.

Electrical Safety for Children at Home

  • Never allow them to stick their fingers or any object into an electrical outlet or light bulb socket.
  • Always use plug caps when you have small children in the house to avoid them plugging to the electrical sockets.
  • If you have a swimming pool at your home, ensure you don’t have electrical power sockets near the pool to avoid electrical shock when using appliances while in the pool same time.
  • Keep their fingers and other objects out of small appliances, such as toasters, even if the appliance is off.
  • Never use an appliance near a sink, bathtub or other source of water.
  • Keep electrical wires and appliances’ cords away from sources of heat.
  • Keep electrical cords away from sinks, bathtubs and other sources of water.
  • Inform them to never touch any electrical appliance or device, such as a light switch, hair dryer or toaster if their hands are wet, or when standing on wet floor likewise you.
  • Never pull an electric plug out of the wall outlet by yanking on the electric cord, it is plug you pull not the cord.
  • Inform them to never put drinks on top of video game consoles or other electrical devices.
  • Unplug an electrical appliance before cleaning it.
  • If you see a worn, frayed or damaged electrical cord, tell an adult immediately.
  • Always turn off the light at the switch nob before changing a faulty bulb.

If they were not to be at your reach either they are at school, playing with friends, at church, or wherever they may be. It is expedient to educate them on the safety precaution they need to take when they are outside your reach to avoid electrical hazard. Below are electrical safety tips you need to educate them with.

Electrical Safety precaution for children outdoors

  • They should not climb trees that are near power lines or have power lines running through them.
  • If they have flying kite, or have Mylar or helium-filled balloons on strings, they should make sure to keep them away from power lines. If the kite line or balloon strings are tangled in power lines, the electricity can travel down the line and cause a shock or start a fire.
  • They should never go swimming during an electrical storm.
  • If they see something stuck or tangled in a power line, they should contact an adult to call the power company. They should never try to remove the item from the power lines themselves.
  • They shouldn’t climb utility poles.
  • Inform them to keep away from electric substations.
  • They should never climb on fences around electric substations.
  • If they see a fallen electrical wire, they should stay away from it immediately and inform an adult to call the power company and report the downed wire.

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