Work on floating PV to begin in Seychelles

Work on a 5.8 MW floating photovoltaic solar plant in Seychelles will get underway in July of this year, according to a statement by French company Qair (formerly Lucia Holdings) on Monday. The plant, on completion, will be the world’s largest.

Located on the lagoon of Providence (Mahé), the project will be the first project led by an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Seychelles and the first power plant floating in the African continent. The plant will cover 40,000 square meters of water, will be made up of around 13,500 photovoltaic modules and will represent 2% of Seychelles’ national production. For 25 years, the installation will contribute to a reduction in CO² emissions of around 157,000 tonnes.

The work will be, mainly carried out by Seychellois companies and should take six months to complete.


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