PSC SOLAR UK Ltd ( is a specialist British solar PV panel manufacturer in the North of England with Africa operational headquarters in Nigeria. PSC SOLAR UK is particularly focused on exporting its high-quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels to global emerging markets.

PSC SOLAR UK prides itself on its growing global reputation of being a different kind of partner for exclusive local solar installers and distributors.

PSC SOLAR UK solar PV modules come with a 15-year British product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. Global customer support is provided from the UK, FRANCE and NIGERIA.

Apply here online today to become an exclusive PSC SOLAR UK solar PV local distributor!

We guarantee 48 -96 hours delivery to  most Africa countries.  We accept payments in Nigeria Naira, US Dollar and European Euro.

Purchases can be done seamlessly online at

PSC Solar UK made Mono-crystalline Solar panels
PSC Solar UK made Mono-crystalline Solar panels

PSC SOLAR UK introduces 5 Busbar technology and advanced 3 cell jxn technology with Ni-Cd infusion to its range of Super Efficiency high quality solar panels.

Busbars are the metal lines you see going down the cells of the solar panel.

Due to shorter distance between the bus bars in 5BB cells, the residual stresses are lower in 5BB modules by up to 10%. Hence long term generation of 5BB modules is superior as degradation is lower.

Simulations demonstrates that the multi-busbar design allows higher cell and module efficiencies compared to 3 or 4-busbar cell design, and in the same time reduces the amount of silver needed for the front electrode.

PSC Solar Delivery unit
PSC Solar Delivery Unit

PSC SOLAR UK has now entered North Africa market with new distributors in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Benin has also joined the growing list of countries with PSC SOLAR UK exclusive distributors. PSC SOLAR UK solar PV panels are now being distributed to installers and projects from all over AFRICA.

Join our exclusive club of local PSC SOLAR UK solar panel distributors around the world. PSC SOLAR UK produces a high quality range of solar PV panels which is only available from local distributors worldwide. We specialize in shipping to Africa and the Middle East

Click >>> Our Benin Dealers video to watch how our Benin dealers are doing great being our solar distributors.

PSC SOLAR UK has factories in Europe and the Middle East producing high quality “Grade A” panels at very competitive prices.

Exclusivity offers PSC SOLAR UK distributors protection from end users buying direct from competitors or factory (which is what happens with many other big brands). You can advertise the PSC SOLAR UK brand knowing that all the orders generated will come back to you! Not many solar panel makers can offer this!

Sign-up online today and become our local exclusive distributor!

For more info on how to become our Solar power system affiliate, you can call on +2348123655444, +2348120855444, or mail us your request at

Our Physical office/Warehouse is at 41B, Olutoye Crescent on Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Customers can also save energy by visiting our online store for products’ prices and technical specifications

Mr. Michael Edun is a Senior Technical writer and IT Manager at PSC SOLAR (UK) LTD. Lagos, Nigeria. – 08120855444

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