Angola looks to import 5,000MW of electricity produced by Inga III hydropower plant in DRC

Angola could import up to 5,000 MW from the production of the Inga III hydropower plant under development in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to Bloomberg, the importer will need this energy from 2025 and will buy it on the condition that the sale price of the MW does not exceed $ 30.

With a capacity of 11,050 MW, the Inga III dam was developed by a Spanish-Chinese consortium that submitted its joint bid in November 2018. The latter must still be approved by President Felix Tshisekedi, who took office in January. 2019.

This new export proposal brings water to the mill of organizations that denounce the fact that the production of this megabout does not benefit the Congolese people who yet have an electrification rate of less than 20%. South Africa has already announced its intention to import 2,500 MW or 5,000 MW of dam production. Part of the energy generated will also be used to supply the mining provinces of the country.


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