Travelogue annual event was centered on the theme ” Entertainment & Tourism: As a major tool for economic development”.

Dignitaries in attendance of the events were: Former Governor of Cross-river state Donald Duke, Representing the Minister of aviation was Mr. Norris Anozie, representing the Minister of Justice was Hajja Sofia and representing the Governor of Lagos state was Honorable commissioner Mrs. Shulamite Olufunke Adebolu. 

A welcome address was given by the convener Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho after which we had a video presentation by Goge Africa a very popular brand which mainly talks about tourism in Africa countries.

Their video was about 12 places to visit in Nigeria to experience their various cultures, among the mentioned 12 places was the Arugungu fishing festival held in Kebbi state, Calabar Carnival held in Cross-river state, Durbar festival held in Kano state and Ojude Oba festival held in Ogun state

Arugungu Fishing Festival
Calabar Carnival
Calabar Carnival
Durbar festival

After the video presentation, an opening remark was given by the chairman of the event in the person of His excellency Donald Duke, he talked about how we need to simplify our visa process for foreigners who intend to visit Nigeria, he said getting Visa to Nigeria is very difficult for foreigners.

He expressed how he felt regarding how other west Africa countries who do not have much to spend have easy access to the county but those who have to spend find it hard to get Visa into the country.

He also talked about the visa on arrival process, he said the process is stressful and no tourist wants to go through stress.

His excellency Donald Duke giving his opening speech

In addition, he talked about making provision for accommodation and easy means of transportation for the various tourism site. Donald Duke said The major challenge we have in this country is “Continuity”. He made that statement because of the Ogudu cattle ranch and Tinapa. He explained that there are no more available flights and it will take about 6 hours by road (bad road) from Calabar to Ogudu cattle ranch.




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