Power generation dips to 2,970.3 MwH

Power returned to much of Argentina and two neighboring countries following a massive blackout that left tens of millions in the dark on Sunday.

The electricity generation companies (Gencos) said power generation which was 3,183.2megawatts (Mw) on Saturday dipped to 2,970.3Mw Sunday.

The System Operation of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) from which newsmen got the hint, said the lowest generation on Saturday was 2,991.3Mw.

While peak generation was 4,439.8Mw on Saturday, it declined to 4,321Mw.

The energy generation that was 86,033.72Mwh an equivalent to 3,584.7Mw on Saturday decreased to 84,320.95Mw an equivalent of 3,513.3Mw on Sunday.

The Daily report of TCN on its website also said the peak generation that was recorded August 23, 2019, was 4,439.8Mw.

It added that energy recorded in that day was 86,033.72Mwh which is equivalent to 3,584.7Mw. At 06:00hour of Saturday, the Daily Operational Report showed that energy generation was at 3,183.2Mw.

The decline in generation was not unconnected to the electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos’) low demand for power, which culminated in the reduction of generation and zero level production of some of the GenCos. Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) Company, Managing Director, Dr. Marilyn Amobi, last week said in the last payment, the firm bore a payment of N181billion to five GenCos for electricity that Nigerians did not use.

According to her, in the context of the N701billion power sector intervention fund, the Federal Government paid N105billion as five per cent to GenCos for unused electricity.

The payments, she said, were due to the power purchase agreements that government had with the companies.

Meanwhile, the Market Operator of TCN, Engr. Edmund Eje, also disclosed said the Federal Government has approved N600 billion that is to be injected into the nation’s electricity market


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