PSC Solar (UK): A guide to buying authentic Solar Power system in Nigeria.

If you are reading this post, I believe you are looking for a place to buy Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Charge controllers and other solar power system components in Nigeria. Before we do, I shall first of all guide you on how you can know what an authentic and durable Solar power system component looks like when you see it.

I shall also make direct reference to PSC Solar (UK) –Africa’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Solar Power products. Find their E-commerce website here:

How the Solar Power System works:

First of all, I am going to let you know in simple terms how a complete solar power system works. You may have an idea of this before but if you don’t, this short description will be invaluable to you.

The goal is to convert the energy from sunlight that hit on your roof into useful electricity. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

When the sun is up, particles of sunlight called photons hits the Solar Panels on your roof. Your Solar Panel or Solar cell uses these photons to produce a direct current (DC) electricity. These Direct Current or electrons flow out of your Solar Panel into your Inverter. The work of the Inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). This is very needful as most appliances in your home including your Television set, computers, and many other electronic devices need the AC power to operate.

So far I have introduced to you the following components of a Solar Power system or a PV System:


  • Solar Panel
  • Inverter


Now, what I just gave to you now is how perhaps the simplest solar power system works. A more complete PV system for use especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and developing countries where electricity production and distribution is poor will include:

  1. Batteries: For storing electricity for future use
  2. Charge controller: For a control and optimal charging of the battery
  3. Stabilizers: For the effective regulation of input voltage.

Guide for Buying a Solar power system component:

Buying and setting up a solar power system for your home or office use can be a very simple venture. It can be as simple as going to the market to find a dealer and proceeding to make payment. We used to advise people to do this before when there were only few but highly reputable dealers of Solar power system in the market, but these days, you have to shine your eyes before you end up burying your money in the ground.

So these are some of the key things you’ve got to look out for before you make your order:


  • Country of production:
    Because many solar products like the Solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and inverters look great on the outside, knowing the country of supply and production is certainly a very useful aid to determine high quality products. I put this in the first position because you don’t need a technical know how to use this number one quality-check test.

    Unfortunately, since over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a high influx of Asian made Inverters, Charge controllers, Solar panels and batteries. Some Asian countries are great manufacturers of Technology. But the problem is that many of them don’t appear to have strict quality standard for production.

    PSC Solar (UK) ( ) manufactures all their products in the UK and Germany. I personally recommend them. You can be sure of the quality of their product. According to Vanguard Newspaper, PSC Industries is already building a N5billion solar panel manufacturing plant in Nigeria.
  • Customer care support:
    Customer care is everything. If you are going to install a solar power system to your home, then you definitely need a reliable source of support. Just imagine that you bought your system from a certain dealer in the market, after three months your inverter stops working perhaps due to the poor quality of the product and installation, what are you going to do? Customer care support undoubtedly is very important.

    If you purchased any of the solar power system components from PSC Solar (UK), you need not worry about this because it will be taken care of. PSC Solar (UK) has trained over 200 Engineers in Nigeria alone in the servicing and maintenance of solar power system products. More training are ongoing in other West African countries that they have strong presence in like the Benin Republic, Togo, Liberia, Niger, Cameroon, etc.  Just a dial (+234-16280208) and PSC Solar (UK) will be there to fix your solar power problem!




  • Marketing tricks to watch out for:
    There are some generally acceptable marketing tricks you have to watch out for in order to predetermine the quality of products the dealer sells. I am going to list some of them and you use your discretion to find out the rest:
  • Very cheap price: You find this inverter for example selling at a very low price. Ask yourself if this dealer is actually trying to help people afford it or if he just may be selling substandard products with low cost of production.
  • Unverifiable offers: The dealer tells you they have an ongoing offer and you find out that the said offer isn’t reflected in any of their literatures, websites or social media pages. Then you have to think twice before making  payment.
  • Products with no brands: You should be careful when you are dealing with a solar power distributor that has various items with no identifiable brands. Other similar distributors that you should be concerned with are those that sell countless number of products with different brands that they are not directly associated with. PSC Solar is already a well-known and respected brand. They manufacture and resell their products themselves in order to maintain the direct contact with their final consumers. Their authorized resellers spread across the West African region are specially trained in Solar Power system sales and maintenance.
  • Years of Operation:
    It is very important you find out how long the dealer has been selling solar power products. For example, many dealers would give you a one year warranty on certain products and maybe a 25 year life span of a solar panel. This claim may be considered fraudulent if the dealer will not last long in the business.  PSC Solar has been in operation for about 30 years now with branches and offices spread across Africa, Europe and Canada.




  • Ask technical Questions:


You want to make sure you are in the right hands, don’t you? I have personally found out that many solar power system sellers go into the business just because of the profit and nothing more. One of the ways you can filter out trust-worthy dealers is by asking technical questions. Ask them what the inverter is, how the PV panel converts light into electricity, the most efficient type of charge controller and how it works, etc. Of course you won’t expect to get a deeply technical reply as the dealer may also assume you know little about it, but a genuine dealer will certainly talk sense when he tries to explain these fundamental working principles of a Solar power system.

Final note: Switching to an alternative energy supply for your home or office is definitely the best option for you. Good luck as you order and install your new solar power system!

About PSC Solar (UK):

PSC INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a Solar Electricity and Renewable energy total Solutions Manufacturer located in Lagos, Nigeria.

We provide Cost-competitive, Environmental friendly, high quality and innovative Solar/renewable energy products including but not limited to Solar PV Panels, Inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Streetlights and Deep Cycle Batteries.

 Visit to find prices of our products and to learn more about us.

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