UNDP seeks consultants to install 6,894 solar street lights in Togo

The office of the United Nations Development Programme in Togo (Pnud-Togo) has just launched a call for tenders for the selection of several national consultants, technicians in electricity, and/or renewable energy. They will assist in monitoring and supervising the installation of 6,894 solar-powered street lamps in the country’s regions.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) plans to install 6,894 solar-powered street lamps in the different regions of Togo: Maritime, Plateaux, Centrale, Kara, and Savanes. To achieve this, the UNDP has recently launched a call for expressions of interest for national consultants, electricity, and/or renewable energy technicians. They will be responsible for the control and monitoring of the installation works of solar-powered street lamps in the five regions of the country. The beneficiary localities have been grouped together in several areas where the work will be carried out.

The operation falls within the framework of the Emergency Community Development Programme drawn up and adopted by decree on January 14, 2016, by the Togolese government in the Council of Ministers, in response to the needs of the Togolese population, which is essentially rural, for access to infrastructure, basic equipment, and social and economic services. The program aims to provide the country’s population with 10 000 solar street lamps. Under the pilot phase of the program, 104 street lamps have already been installed. A few years later, in 2019, the first phase of the PUDC was launched. So far, another 1,465 street lamps have been installed in four regions of Togo.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Togo has proceeded to build up a directory (Roster) of consultants. Only pre-qualified candidates will be invited to participate in restricted competitive processes in accordance with the rules governing the selection of Individual Contracts (IC) at UNDP.

Consultant missions
The consultants are commissionaires responsible for monitoring and supervising the installation of the 6,894 solar street lamps at the rural and semi-urban sites. Each consultant recruited must follow up and validate the technical documents submitted by the contractor and record the progress of the installation work on a monthly and quarterly basis. The consultants should also ensure the proper functioning of the street lamps equipped with the charging stations.

The selected experts will work in close collaboration with the Togolese Ministry of Mines and Energy and under the responsibility of UNDP through the Emergency Community Development Programme. They will be required to carry out various missions, including verifying that the lamp post installation points identified by the communities are respected, monitoring and controlling the general installations of the site, checking the calculation notes for the dimensioning of equipment and variants, and proposing and approving the execution plans. The future consultants will also be required to monitor and control the execution of the installation works and the commissioning of the solar photovoltaic street lamps, to ensure the environmental and social control of the construction site and to geo-locate the installed street lamps (collect Global Positioning System “GPS” coordinates of the installation points of the solar street lamps and send the report to UNDP according to the format shared by the program).


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