The All new PSC Solar Xantra Advanced Online Inverter

The PSC Solar Xantra Super Inverter is already a household name. It has been in the market for over a decade now. We introduce to you now the All new PSC Solar Xantra Advanced Online Inverter. Ever since we introduced the first batch of the Xantra Advanced Online Inverter to the market, we have got an overwhelming amount of reviews from users and professional analysts alike. We are pleased to inform you that the reviews so far has been positive.

Here is an excerpt from the Vanguard Newspaper entry on the product. This article was published both in the Vanguard website and the hard copy news paper.

The finished product is a rugged, very high quality noiseless Pure Sine Wave new generation inverter with design life of over 25 years.”

PSC Solar Advanced Xantra Online Inverter
PSC Solar Advanced Xantra Online Inverter

The Inverter:

The new Xantra Advanced Online 0ms (zero millisecond) transfer time Pure Sine Wave inverter, described as  an intelligent inverter, is designed in Germany with the very unstable AC mains power supply in Africa as a major factor in the design.

This inverter is very rugged and made of very high quality German electronic components.

The inverter features a very large LCD colour display, computer dashboard with both diagnostic and statistical displays.

The inverter ranges from 24V/1.5KVA to 180V/100KVA.

Advantages over others:

The inverter was designed to solve the perennial problems with inverters getting burned or damaged very frequently. The typical life expectancy before initial repairs for most inverters in Nigeria is between eight months and two years but these inverters are designed to last over 10 years before initial repairs or board/integrated circuit replacement.

Most inverters in Africa have transfer/switch time of 10Ms or more making them unsuitable for IT servers and Communication devices but the new Advanced Xantra inverters are designed with 0ms (zero millisecond)  transfer time making them true online inverters and suitable for all applications. They have autonomies of 72 hours to 96 hours without charging.

Most inverters in Africa especially those with advanced Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology can only charge AGM/GEL/VRLA deep cycle batteries and only at current of 25A or less.

The Xantra Advanced Online Pure Sine Wave inverters are designed to charge all types of batteries including Lithium Life Po4 Batteries at very fast 75A current.

Very high quality European made/USA inverters tend to be extremely expensive. The Advanced Xantra Pure Sine Wave Inverters are very high quality and technologically advanced inverters at the fraction of the cost of other European inverters.”

We are not surprised at all by the positive feedbacks on this product. We have invested a lot of effort in the engineering and design of this product.

Do you want to see what the inside of the Xantra Advanced Online Inverter looks like? Do you have knowledge of electronics or do you simply fancy it? This picture is actually exclusive and you’re privileged to see it because you follow the PSC Solar blog. OK have a look:

Xantra Advanced Online Inverter inside
Xantra Advanced Online Inverter inside




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