8 Tips To Save, Conserve Energy And Reduce Bills



Saving energy to spend less on electricity bills in this recent times in Nigeria has continued to increase rapidly. Users on the post-paid meters experience a significant hike in their energy prices. Here are some energy-saving tips for your home and business so it can rack up savings. Every business has high energy needs but with proper management, businesses can bring down cost by almost 30%. Here are some critical areas to look into:

  1. Tip One: Monitor your energy consumption

    In order to identify opportunities for saving, you need to know the amount of energy you are using. Customers consuming electricity can take electricity meter reading at the same time daily or at intervals of 12 hours

  2. Tip Two: Identify energy saving opportunities in your base load

    The amount of energy used at home or in the office at night is the base load. The base load is an opportunity for saving energy when the last person to leave the premises switches off all appliances.

  3. Tip Three: Target your biggest energy users

    Consumers need to identify their main energy user so as to effectively focus on areas of energy that needs serving. Once you have identified your main energy users, consider the various options available to improve energy efficiency in that area. Mostly, less efficient incandescent light bulbs can be replaced with LED’s and also manually switch air conditioners and water heaters off when not in used. Once you have looked at the various options and considered the gains associated with the costs, you are in a position to decide which intervention to select.

  4. Tip Four: Watch out for vampire appliances

    Many appliances such as microwaves, chargers, TVs, decoders and music systems use power even when they are not in use. So it is advisable to switch the appliances not in use off to conserve energy

  5. Tip Five: Nominate an energy efficiency champion

    It is important to ensure energy efficiency methods in your home so that it becomes a part of you. Energy is being conserved efficiently by nominating a staff or family member for the job. This person will be assigned the responsibility of implementing and managing your program to become and stay energy efficient. Their tasks will include recording periodic readings from the energy meter, setting energy monitoring targets, overseeing energy efficiency interventions and communicating with the rest of your staff or family members.

  6. Tip Six: Involve everyone in the process of becoming energy efficient

    Human behavior can have a significant impact on your energy use. Whilst some people are energy conscience, always switching off appliances which aren’t in use, others may happily leave for work on a Monday morning with all the lights and air conditioners on. It is, therefore, important to communicate your energy efficiency targets to everyone so that they understand the role they can play in helping to achieve these targets. Give them regular feedback on energy use as recorded from the energy meter and let everyone know when targets are or aren’t being achieved.

  7. Tip Seven: Favor energy efficient products in procurement

    While it may not be affordable to implement a complete energy efficiency replacement of all your lights and appliances, it is important to include energy efficiency as a procurement consideration so that over time you are able to slowly phase out inefficient equipment.

  8. Tip Eight: Keep checking your energy use

    It is important to continuously monitor your energy use, even if you aren’t planning any future interventions or have already achieved energy savings. Continual monitoring is the only way to pick up on unexpected increases in energy use. Such increases may be indicative of faulty equipment which has started drawing high amounts of energy or could highlight the need for a household training session on energy efficiency. Continual monitoring will help you identify when these problems arise so that you are always on top of your energy efficiency performance.

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